Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simple Tasks

It is that time of the year - the beginning of a new year, replete with mountains of resolutions, tomes regarding how, when and what to resolve . . . usually accompanied with sensible advice as to the performance of said promises to yourself, to others, to the universe in general.

Let us resolve firmly, during this coming year, to love and relax our judgments and criticisms.  Treat all others - animal and human, plant or environment, with respect and humility.

Decide to, with no exceptions, be aware of appropriate responses to any stimulus.  Slow to anger, quick to care . . . or as Sai Baba has so often wisely said, 'help ever, hurt never'  . . . with yourself and toward others.

Plant a tree, some flowers, vegetables, nurture a living, breathing creature.  Extend nourishment, emotional and physical, to those around you.

Longer life, more value.

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