Saturday, January 5, 2013

Attitude Reviews

Occasionally reviewing attitudes seems prudent -- a simple exercise, or so it would seem.  In actuality, attitudes are elusive mental states, difficult to identify, much less bring to a place of practical consideration.

It may be easier to begin with awareness - becoming truly knowledgeable about those judgments and ideas we hold so closely within our images of ourselves.  Do we really know what we have become?  Is it possible that our present anger, frustration, sadness, or discomfort begins with nothing more than an assumed, rigid attitude -- which can be modified/changed/discarded at will?

Examine personal  responses, reactions, and immediate, inflexible thinking -- occurrences which can illuminate an attitude problem.  Become comfortable with acceptance, calm observance, and a quiet mind.  Watch carefully for cues from others; sometimes the first indication that an attitude adjustment is advisable comes from the eyes and body language of others.  Reflect on interactions - casual ones, family matters, the clerk at a local drugstore; let these be helpful mirrors on the path to enlightenment.

Some of this will be painful, even shocking.  Change usually elicits some resistance -- employ love, forgiveness and patience -- rewards are great and enduring.