Thursday, April 18, 2019

Life Tenets

Living for something, standing for anything; believing in a principle. Honor demands it, humans, without it, fall into disarray. Try these two:

LOVE any work chosen. Treasure each day's product. Wake with purpose, with anticipation, with an eager drive to get to that which fills the day. Be certain that tasks undertaken are right with the Universe; are fulfilling a good purpose.

Determine that everyone wins. That is - if damage, hurt, or angst is caused to any living creature or the environment, by whatever is undertaken by any individual or group, leave it. Right then, no matter the monetary loss, no matter the status given up; no matter what.

Take no prisoners when it comes to ethics, character, honesty. Gain at the expense of any of these must be tainted with deceit. Know that what is done in the dark will come to the light -- as many willful wrong-doers have learned -- the hard way.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Crank It Up

The volume at least, or speed -- maybe widen territory, direction -- just move from dead center. Change is good. Creative thinking translates into doing things differently. Let it flow. Take a good, hard look at life as you see it. Make no judgments, take no prisoners. Comparisons out the window. Simply dream a new dream, write a new script, head down another path. Risky behavior is stimulating, exciting. Moss won't grow on a rolling stone. New adventures await, tarrying not allowed.  What, exactly, is there to lose except boredom, sameness, routine, stress, frustration?

Finding Essence

Who are we? That person experienced by bouncing off those around us, the 'us' we see reflected in our family's estimation? Our friends' opinions and ideas? Community involvement? A career, or some other accomplishment? Just who are we, in all actuality?

It is an intriguing thought - that one which would be another path to another place; where no one, nothing is familiar or known. Begin anew.

No family of origin, no children, no old friends, no history at all. Make it as we go. Find out exactly who we became because of where we were placed on the planet. See if we would like to continue to be that . . . or we might rather form other, more interesting composites.  Adaptation can also be creative.


Tolerance. Of any and all, save doing harm to another living creature ... which includes this very alive planet. How can we expect hate groups to vanish if we are actively, mindlessly hating anyone and everyone who disagrees with our opinions?  Not going to happen. Our opinions are just that, ours. Universal 'right' hasn't been effectively established. So remember -- 'right' is to others as they decide; if harm is done as a result of those beliefs and actions, then zero tolerance. Cruelty is unnecessary and we must turn our energies and effort to methods which abolish it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Falling in the Same Old Holes

Beware of endlessly talking about anything which seems painful, entering it daily, storing it carefully away before sleep. Renewing it on arising. Having no one to talk to (not with) is sometimes a saving grace. It is necessary when indulging a constant need to display circular thinking. Captive audiences, even collusion from well-meaning friends -- or enemies who secretly relish and encourage the pain and agony they get to witness.
But . . . this is going to require courage, not destructiveness.  Because that's tenuous . . . drastic, going to an edge to excise, purge. I think some methods are more blatant than others, but they are possible to see, sans self-delusion.  Curling around life like a deadly chem-fog or mosquito repellant spray in the evening, spewing poison from a truck, foiling one problem by creating others.
Just move on. Give equal press to studying the horizon. Concentrate less on avoiding holes than on finding another reality.  Really.  Truly.  There will be a last go-around that finally does it. Not regarding usual shenanigans, of course, always front and center at the outset -- at the end, finally subjective. Breaking free.  Of ourselves.

Do not believe yourself if there is unpleasantness present.  This is the most important sentence I've ever written.  Or thought. It could be the most important group of words EVER written.

Soul Response

Response from the soul. Clear whisper of intuitive direction ... accessed only with acceptance, with faith. Believe guidance which comes from sources outside the mind.

Practice going within. Quiet meditation, peace. Flow begins there. Soon, enigmas disappear. All is clarity, no contrived chaos.  Tumult cannot exist, life ebbs and rolls with waves of compassion.

It is the compass -- accurate, dependable. Recognizable with instant connection. Know its presence, honor its power. 


Today on relationships ... of all types. What really is the secret behind a match made in heaven, a perfect union, any two people who can be happy with each other, sans combativeness, contentiousness, jealousy, envy, awry emotions? What is it?

Observance is spotty, sketchy. We see this, we think that. We believe our perceptions are accurate, we find out at some random point they weren't. Are we wearing blinders? Do we simply blot out everything except our own scripts? And have we been making these up as we go?

I AM LEFT WITH ONE IDEA.  Fantasy. We must find those who share our personal fantasies, since nothing we see or create around us is truly real. We cannot enter any fantasy which does not match our own ... on pain of treachery, or attack, or some sort of disaster, or any combo of those three.

So how does this look? Can we ask a person we meet if our fantasies work? Ha. Of course not, because unless personal agendas blend well, there is playacting from the outset. It seems more prudent (sensible) to spend our time sharpening our own skills, making sure we can be alone and still meet our chosen responsibilities. Then we are not suddenly blown off course by another's defection from the initial bargain. Or even if so, we can move on without shattering entire lives in the process. Beginning with our own, of course. Those connections, forged so strongly as we go along, can be removed (disconnected) easily, with minimal destructive action.

Why do we make these tight, inflexible unions which, when they are no longer workable, must then be the end of someone's world also? With victims and villains, shame/blame, remorse, guilt, accompanied by deadly drama? Gad.

We are rigid creatures, indeed. We may also be obtuse, mislead, densely constructed neurologically, and/or largely unconscious.