Thursday, January 19, 2012


What and/or who provides momentum in this life we are currently living?  Do we rise each day with an original, creative idea which we intend to go toward and accomplish?  Or . . . is the day prescribed and organized around a self-imposed structure designed to facilitate the efforts of others?

Answers to these queries may come quickly, the kind of speedy, efficient reply which slots easily into 'the plan' already carefully mapped for our supposed benefit.  In fact, select one entire day and with eyes wide open -- look, at every move made . . . all efforts expended.  See the truth . . . it will begin, with a bit of personal effort, to set you free.

It is far more simple to align all energy and time meeting the needs of others.  Fully living one's own life is possible only after determining our own life passion, ensuring that movement toward same is always in motion, and requiring same to be a tandem action . . . that is, you are one of the major players at all times.  No exceptions.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Caring for Others

More frequently we think in dual terms about our world neighbors . . . as in competitors, enemies.  Those we must overcome and vanquish, to preserve our own freedom.  International goodwill is possible, as we see from the rescue effected by the John C. Stennis recently. 

Shifting our goals to safety and good for everyone will be necessary for survival.  It is entirely reasonable to believe that some day, mankind will understand that we are all the same, there is no 'them' and 'us' at all.  This is true enlightenment - fighting among ourselves is dark ages mentality. 

Changing our individual thinking to eliminate hate and racism, living our own lives in an honest and caring manner, moving toward wisdom which precludes judgments and predatory beliefs, supporting leaders who display these characteristics . . . let's just do it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Waking with a sense of dread is debilitating . . . upsetting at the very least.  Experiencing that sinking feeling at any time will derail even the best intentions, erasing or seriously decreasing energy, motivation, joy or satisfaction.

Consider nutrition.  Reflect on the last nourishment you offered to your mind and body.  Supporting the organism you call 'yourself' with fresh food is imperative.  And then there is sleep.  How much sleep did you get before that sensation of self-doubt and doom crept into your psyche?  Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on the strongest mind or body.

Expectations of optimal function are unrealistic while abuse of the body is going on . . . the wall is the next contact, believe it.  The will is extremely powerful . . . use it in a manner beneficial and supportive to the body or lose it.


A charm.  To charm.  Lucky charm.  An object, a personality characteristic; symbolizing delight, happiness, good fortune.  Use of the power to please.  More than any other quality, charm makes everything feel good -- distributing comfort, security, surrounded by rightness, like slipping under a warm blanket in a very cold room.

Those possessed of the ability to charm others are usually popular.  In short supply within certain venues, lack of charm conveys a tedious, frequently chaotic atmosphere of discomfort.  Few voluntarily stay in the company of people who use little of this instantly disarming personal gift.

The most charming among us apply tact along with a relaxed, non-frenetic attitude.  Charm can be completely natural, loving, absent guile; it can be skillfully manipulative and/or a deadly tool of deception.

In any case, we are drawn to those who display it -- tending to support, believe, and promote them and their agendas.  It would seem to be prudent at least, even while enjoying ourselves, to remain alert to levels of sincerity during seductive encounters with charm.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Excitement seems sporatic, temporary, often experienced as short bursts of joy and happiness.  Motivation actually depends on the presence of excitement . . . the lure of that which we love to do, consider, plan toward, have at the ready in life.

First, determine exactly what it is that does excite.  Singing, painting, volunteering, counseling, gardening, dancing, cooking, skiing, conversation, racing, viewing some type of action performed by others.  Even watching others who are doing what we love can generate pleasure.

So then, why not find a way to enter this happy, highly productive state of being?  Begin with finding out what it is that produces excitement within the heart and mind -- then go toward it with steady or speedy motion -- in any style you prefer.

This is, simply, the Answer to Everything.


Surviving Triviality

Angst and panic frequently originate in superficiality.  At base, we live because we continue to breathe.  We die when breath ceases.

So long as there is life . . . choose to LIVE.  Enter each moment with fresh eyes.  Accept that which is outside personal control.  Simply let go of coveted strings used to puppet those in the life sphere.  No one has rights to another's existence . . . only to privileges such as supporting, nurturing and/or loving them, for a space of time which must remain undeterminable.

When death visits, celebrate and value the living unfailingly while honoring and remembering those who have moved on.  When new life begins, use every effort to sustain it.

Nothing else is, bottom line, very important at all.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Begin again.  Resolve to love, nurture, clearly see while carefully looking at others.  Observe beauty.  Value kindness.  Extend love, non-judgment and patience to humans, animals and the environment.

Fret not about the way to accomplish these.  It is a naturally occurring phenomenon . . . already coded.  Relax, dispense with angst -- live within this very moment.  See beauty, hear melody.  Feel crisp cold, steamy, balmy heat.

Many gifts lie just outside a constructed realm of rigidly held consciousness.  Open the heart, be quietly grateful.  Absent greed and need, there is always enough.

No methods, organizations, lists required.

Simple Tasks

It is that time of the year - the beginning of a new year, replete with mountains of resolutions, tomes regarding how, when and what to resolve . . . usually accompanied with sensible advice as to the performance of said promises to yourself, to others, to the universe in general.

Let us resolve firmly, during this coming year, to love and relax our judgments and criticisms.  Treat all others - animal and human, plant or environment, with respect and humility.

Decide to, with no exceptions, be aware of appropriate responses to any stimulus.  Slow to anger, quick to care . . . or as Sai Baba has so often wisely said, 'help ever, hurt never'  . . . with yourself and toward others.

Plant a tree, some flowers, vegetables, nurture a living, breathing creature.  Extend nourishment, emotional and physical, to those around you.

Longer life, more value.