Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Virtual Horror

A feeling of horror, of injustice -- elicits shock.  Any sense of rightness, safety, or wellbeing is shaken when there is senseless killing, violent attack, or disruption of ours or others' lives.

Thoughtful observance brings even more deeply chilling information to mind . . . that is, the latest seemingly random act of brutality could have origins which may be connected to all of us.  To eager, absent-minded, even mild acceptance of virtual depictions of gruesome, angry behavior -- as entertainment.   What in actuality entertains the mind when viewing bloody destruction of other people, animals, or property . . . and how does this qualify as worthwhile use of anyone's time?

If intelligent, thinking people occupy their time and minds with increasingly brutal, shocking representations -- high resolution, full screen, deadly fantasies -- why then be surprised when these impact our own lives in living color?