Monday, December 26, 2011

Change and Craziness

The slightly less than 2% of this country's people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a serious mental illness involving neurological dysfunction, experience debilitating, disruptive misfires.  Symptoms can often be alleviated with proper medication, enabling those who use those methods to effectively comply with societal constraints.   What if this condition, and many others, is a small portion of a much larger and less visible whole?  One must have clinically diagnosable psychotic symptoms - much in the way injuries of accident victims are placed in emergency-assistance order - to be 'noticed' and 'treated' - or so it appears.

Behavior which necessitates being medicated at present is the end of the 'disordered' spectrum currently identifiable.  If indeed there IS such a spectrum, the lower end resonably could contain scattered groups of people among society, in communities/organizations, government, schools, families,  who regularly assail associates and those around them with fallout -- which frequently is dismissed as (less threatening) eccentricity, personality quirks or some form of aberrant behavior.

Many cultures contain some version of a demon possessed belief system.  It is literally believed that the devil is after you at all times -- to participate in evil, to lose control, to resist conformity, stay away from certain moral, mental, physical boundaries.  It isn't 'normal' to be gifted, to create, to excise one's ear under the influence of anything.  Indeed to BE under the influence of anything outside accepted modes of current belief.

Is it truly possible to use a blanket term to describe 'crazy' behavior?  Or to use 1,000 of them believing that one day it may be possible to efficiently describe and identify awry neuro-functionality?

Expressions of creativity, free thinking and current ideas of 'insane' may ultimately be indistinguishable.  World-altering, original ideas, controversial art, legislative acceptance of life choices formerly believed to be deadly threats to societies, frequently emerge from those wildly defiant souls who flail against societal norms, absent approval, while creating completely new paths to change.  That which may appear 'normal' today may tomorrow be replaced with an idea which was, at one time, labeled "crazy" -- seemingly unrecognizable as it is happening.

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