Thursday, January 5, 2012


A charm.  To charm.  Lucky charm.  An object, a personality characteristic; symbolizing delight, happiness, good fortune.  Use of the power to please.  More than any other quality, charm makes everything feel good -- distributing comfort, security, surrounded by rightness, like slipping under a warm blanket in a very cold room.

Those possessed of the ability to charm others are usually popular.  In short supply within certain venues, lack of charm conveys a tedious, frequently chaotic atmosphere of discomfort.  Few voluntarily stay in the company of people who use little of this instantly disarming personal gift.

The most charming among us apply tact along with a relaxed, non-frenetic attitude.  Charm can be completely natural, loving, absent guile; it can be skillfully manipulative and/or a deadly tool of deception.

In any case, we are drawn to those who display it -- tending to support, believe, and promote them and their agendas.  It would seem to be prudent at least, even while enjoying ourselves, to remain alert to levels of sincerity during seductive encounters with charm.


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