Thursday, January 19, 2012


What and/or who provides momentum in this life we are currently living?  Do we rise each day with an original, creative idea which we intend to go toward and accomplish?  Or . . . is the day prescribed and organized around a self-imposed structure designed to facilitate the efforts of others?

Answers to these queries may come quickly, the kind of speedy, efficient reply which slots easily into 'the plan' already carefully mapped for our supposed benefit.  In fact, select one entire day and with eyes wide open -- look, at every move made . . . all efforts expended.  See the truth . . . it will begin, with a bit of personal effort, to set you free.

It is far more simple to align all energy and time meeting the needs of others.  Fully living one's own life is possible only after determining our own life passion, ensuring that movement toward same is always in motion, and requiring same to be a tandem action . . . that is, you are one of the major players at all times.  No exceptions.

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