Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real Treasures

That time of year is rapidly approaching . . . the gift-giving season.  Somehow it has become a frenetic flurry of shopping, buying, wrapping, securing, and transferring . . . a sense of urgency prevails, amidst deep fretting about timeliness, appropriateness, even in regard to receipt of hoped-for approval from those we 'gift' -- whether the goods given will be happily accepted.

Perhaps some enlightened soul will begin a petition, to simply put a complete stop to all gifting and/or giving during the holiday season . . . food and drink offerings excluded, since these are traditionally life-sustaining items . . . and concentrate instead on imparting joy and kindness to as many people as possible.  Retailers would be properly horrified and deprived of much-needed profits, thereby impacting our necessarily capitalistic economy.

All offerings and contributions could be used specifically to shelter and nourish human beings who were in need of comfort and support.  No one would expect baubles and trinkets.

The current concept of giving may need some polishing to bring into view a shinier, deeply burnished image, looking less like frantic bartering and more like divinely applied love.

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