Thursday, December 15, 2011

It is Over

The war - that one fought primarily in Iraq - is today 'officially over' and flags are packed away ceremoniously, troops flown home with quiet fanfare to be reunited with families - those who are fortunate enough to reclaim their loved ones from the yawning maw of hell and fury from the past decade.

So many thousands of this country's best and brightest sacrificed and many more maimed for the rest of their lives.  And 'life' -- as all others in their country know it -- goes on as usual.  As in past wars, these silent warriors will continue an even more subtle fight, largely absent support or notice from fellow citizens of the nation they served so nobly.

Resolve this day to think with uncommon awareness about the broad view of what is transpiring in the world at this moment in time.  Place some importance on giving consideration to the price paid by many thousands of human beings, most of whom will remain anonymous and faceless.  Remember that patriotic fervor, when not tested to the maximum stretching point, is largely insulated, thus radically different from facing death or dismemberment.

Opinions about validity, necessity, or advisability of any war, in the end, have little or nothing to do with compassion for those who have been required to fight it.

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