Monday, December 12, 2011

Make a Move

There's an old blues song about a bullfrog just sitting on a lily pad, not knowing which way to jump.  It describes most of us, this indecision, inactivity, inability to move on.  Schedules mercifully provide us socially acceptable reasons for being.  Following the plan can provide a measure of satisfaction.

Responsiblities discharged honorably, in a timely fashion, surround performers with approval.  It can be enough for a long while . . . even a lifetime occasionally.  Settling for an existence absent passion can serve well, if not fully.

Do not embrace or ever hold to your heart any life endeavor - work, people, leisure - which contains no excitement, feeling, intensity.  While it is difficult to trust these conditions of the mind, they are integral to optimal function.

Efficiency & excitement are not mutually exclusive . . .  never believe it, refuse to accept it.  Create peak experiences, weave deep ardor into the fabric of your life tapestry.  Love deeply and completely -- refuse to carefully step around your destiny.

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