Friday, April 13, 2012

Life identities

Are we forming identities which we admire?  Have we succeeded where we may observe that others have failed?  Why do we think that a life image is necessary anyway?  Clothing, vehicles, homes, what we like to term "lifestyle" combine to put it all out there . . . that 'looking good' mentality -- constructed mainly for others, it seems.
Individual style.  Aspirations go in this direction . . . from designer labels to manner of speaking, the projected self.  It is, without doubt, a lot of effort -- work, a constant stream of tries to get it right.  Envy and jealousy are often viewed as reassuring feedback. 
Feeding an image requires an element of superficiality - fakery.  That mask is worn increasingly well, it can easily morph into a version of humanity all its own.  Turn the soul's bare visage to the sun, the clear light of day.  At least try it occasionally, to temper the headlong rush.

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