Friday, April 13, 2012


Of late, thoughts of becoming another person entirely have flitted into and around, inserting themselves into mind at odd moments . . . more often, even insistently.  Beginning with a blank slate, for lack of a better way to see it.

Learning a new language, maybe two; acquiring the skill to prepare pain au chocolat; meeting others completely differently, approaching life with all filters down, using every bit of willpower to be open and loving while seeing all around with clear eyes and ears.

Discarding old response mechanisms, forgetting all currently held ideas, holding only to ethics, values and compassion.  Reading, writing, thinking, loving sunsets, bird sounds in the early morning, the blissfully serene state of silence.  Free from a chattering, clattering mental condition, superimposed on sanity.

Really SEEING and HEARING -- giving up on control, power or manipulation of events pointlessly designed to achieve  . . . what?  Get another life.

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