Thursday, August 29, 2013


Consider barely discernible solutions -- to angst, stress, unhappiness.  Think of rhythm . . . rhythm of life, refrains we cannot 'hear' with an auditory sense; melodies which flow easily around and through daily routines, among which so many merely exist, crying 'responsibility' to the bitter end.
These little songs are often hastily, unwittingly composed.  Dashing a few bars off, throwing them out there to waft along randomly, along with frantically structured, tightly wound requirements.
This beat is not going to pound great, exciting bass lines in the ear.  It will, however, disrupt, explode, and derail smooth living patterns regularly, over and over.  Or it will settle in and around all others, loved ones, friends, co-workers, pets, those valued allies from whom we need acceptance and unconditional love.  This soothing piece of music can create peace and serenity, acceptance, love and silence.  All souls thrive in the midst of safe repose.
A bit similar to the Pied Piper in its long-term demands, after prolonged periods of disharmony, this little song can and will change its tune.  Suddenly, it may appear to become incompatibility (dreaded, tedious condition), domestic violence, verbal abuse, or infidelity.  Even at this breakdown stage, when recognized and acknowledged, it will also respond to composition edits, even to a symphony of sounds, so long as all instruments are reading the same music.
We just cannot really hear it.

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