Sunday, May 16, 2010

What are we hearing?

Noticing reactions to words can be difficult. Are we actually listening while hearing the bombardment of daily messages in our worlds? Collections of words designed to bend our minds in a certain direction, toward an opinion or idea espoused by someone else - or something else, such as an entity which requires our compliance with its tenets - can be decidedly dangerous. And may not be, at all, WHAT we believe that we are hearing.

How did the Holocaust really happen? Why would an entire population sit still while a few military appointees murdered so many people? For one thing, there were no weapons save those in the hands of the military. This condition was levied on the people of Germany with many words of reassurance . . . eloquently delivered by those whose objectives were, as we see, suppression and control.

When we allow ourselves to be influenced/convinced by anyone, with any message, we comply. Each time a product touted by a marketing effort is purchased, or we vote for any candidate, when we buy a certain vehicle, those endless electronic toys, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes . . . we've been led -- cleverly led -- toward compliance, along with the powerful conviction that we have chosen all this on our own.

A bountiful smorgasbord of delicious, seemingly freely chosen delights. Created whole cloth, designed to allure, using superior linguistic ability and financial motive. Partake in this lovely pursuit and just flip out that credit card . . . it's all for you and your pleasure. Why not? Freedom . . . of choice, indulgence, happiness.

No doubt it would be prudent to empty our minds and FEEL what is important to our existence. It likely isn't that perfect jacket or piece of jewelry we currently lack. Surely it can't be a hunk of metal and plastic gadgets bought at great price sitting in a driveway, waiting to take us on short journeys toward the same places . . . being duly fed with expensive liquids along the way to ensure that we keep going until we return to these same places . . . liquids which are at our disposal at a great price to humanity.

Happiness and serenity, much less peace of mind, are not for sale. The seductive call of carefully crafted words promising pleasure can be understood as a deadly drain . . . achieving true lack of need, or human happiness, cannot include harming other living beings to obtain it. Perhaps we might try subjective reasoning . . . truly listening to that which we are hearing.

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