Thursday, April 15, 2010


So many quotes exist concerning love. Love has many definitions, including respect, passion, endearment, and so on. Rarely do we think of caring as love's permanent and devoted companion, though many of us bring this combination into motion, unthinkingly, every day.

Caring for another person or living thing, caring concern for well-being of all breathing creatures on our planet, caring and tending to the health of our environment and all within it is pure love. Deep, abiding, every moment loving. While these acts and thoughts may pass quickly, almost unnoticed . . . they compose hours, days, months and years of improvement in quality of our lives . . . that steady furtherance of beauty and goodness.

In short, love is doing. A smile of approval, a shared laugh, supportive words, empathetic effort, even simply an occasional short prayer of understanding. These create serenity, peace -- those binders of daily existence, provision of positive energy . . . open affirmation of humanity's ability to love.

As the popular phrase goes . . . just do it. Love. It's so easy, melt a bit, relax . . . feel the quietness in the center of the chest, the letting go of negativity; rest for a moment inside. Remember someone, admire a view. Notice breezes on the skin, look and clearly see a magnificently feathered flying creature, or rustling leaves of a living tree. Hear the lilting strains of nature's music; roar of the ocean, booming thunder, brilliantly shocking bolts of lightning, quietly falling rain. Experience scents of spring -- hyacinths, sweet olive, roses. Believe that in this moment, only love exists. Allow a small child's eyes to lighten the load for a moment.

That is, entirely, all there is to it.

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