Friday, December 14, 2012

Going Within

Serenely reflecting on life, littered as it may sometimes seem -- with random dissatisfactions, distractions, uproar, dramas and inept decisions.  Daily living frameworks often carelessly created and constructed, frequently setting up a minefield of randomly detonated explosives – through which any journeys taken are naturally extremely stressful, full of apprehension.

Many cleverly created, fine dreams defining our worlds have potential to explode in the face -- bringing up the consideration that perhaps, during the spin phase, some very important facts may have been omitted.
Thoughtfully selected, chosen paths may provide a sense of real peace; that is, the feeling that all is well, one is appreciated and loved, and respected for all one’s efforts. In fact, perception determines this state of affairs. Remaining unmindful or unwilling to acknowledge that – the only time these wonderfully good things are present, randomly chosen others may not be. And moving along, armed with newfound wisdom and insight, it finally comes to mind:  why exactly did this (goal, person) seem indispensable in the first place?

It is sometimes difficult to clearly see, even with wisdom born of hindsight, that all the time – there are many choices. At any time, other, numerous paths are available.  So . . . take a deep breath, sit in repose, enter solitude for a small space of time, and think.  Chose decisions which contain real possibility for long-term value, for satisfaction.  It seems at least practical, and could also literally save your life.


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