Monday, August 6, 2012


Removing and/or restricting access to weapons seems similar to taking an alcoholic's bottles of liquor away . . . such hyper-alert watchfulness results in temporary assurance, necessitates constant, tedious monitoring, and is not at all likely to end any aberrant practice or end future self-destructive action by anyone bent on inflicting pain on others. Those who routinely imperil/destroy health, relationships, credibility or safety must become visible to society . . . before acting out in a deadly drama orchestrated within a disconnected mind. Thus, any user/perpetrator would appear to be a more reasonable object of focus when attempting to end violent attacks or binges than any weapon of choice.

Rather than obsessing about how to pass endlessly pedantic, unconstitutional legislation, then funding predatory, expensive efforts to enforce these, identify hate/fear stressors within society and address these . . . early on in childhood. Isolated, miserably misguided people are all around us; surely heightened awareness and compassion seem in order. Begin in primary schools . . . teach ethics, outline origins of prejudice, impart a sense of connection using formal educational programs.

Study and research behavior -- control of human action is impossible otherwise.

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